Our work to prepare the site and demolition phase is now complete. Current work includes excavation of the site and removal of excess materials.

We recognise the works will have impacts on neighbours and we appreciate your continued patience.

We believe that when delivered, the building will be a great addition to a rapidly changing neighbourhood.

Our project will be constructed in accordance with North Sydney Council’s conditions of consent. Moits have been engaged as our contractor to undertake the excavation works. Chosen for their expertise and reputation, Moits have over 35 years experience in excavation works including undertaking works in highly built up areas and on complex sites.

You can also contact us direct by emailing or calling 1800 016 659

Expected construction schedule

  • Site establishment and preparation works
  • Undergrounding electrical power lines along McLaren Street
  • Erecting hoards
  • Demolition and removal of existing structures
March 2021 –
Late 2021
  • Excavation works including removal of debris and excess materials from the site
Late 2021
  • Construction work commence
*Note the above timeframes are anticipated and subject to change

What to expect during works

Hours of works

Construction activities will be undertaken according to the conditions of North Sydney Council’s consent.

  • 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am-1pm Saturday
  • No work on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • Out of hours work can be required by Council and the governing authorities to occur outside of the standard construction hours. This is generally to avoid impacts on traffic and public transport arrangements. Approvals are obtained from the appropriate authorities for each activity. 

Access and truck movements

  • All access and truck movements will be undertaken in accordance with the approved Council conditions
  • During excavation stage, construction vehicles will enter and exit the site designated McLaren Streetaccess points
  • Traffic and safety controllers will be in place where required
  • Pedestrian access will be managed by traffic controllers.

Construction mitigation measures

During the course of the works, our contractors will be implementing the relevant mitigation measures to minimise the impacts of noise, vibration, dust and general disruption.